Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Finale

This finale wrapped up the season better than most shows wrap up an entire series.  “Sons of Anarchy” is definitely coming back for a season four but seriously, if that was its last episode, I would feel very fulfilled.  Jax got Abel back and fixed things with Tara, Gemma was acquitted and the club got Jimmy and more importantly, Stahl.  It had to be Opie, he needed to put Donna’s ghost to rest and I’m glad they set it up so that he could be the one to kill her.  Still, two more people have to be held accountable for her death.  Clay and Tig have to be held accountable by the end of the show.  What do you think?  It’s gotta end with Jax taking out Clay right?  Every fan has thought about the possibility, rather probability, that Clay and Gemma were behind Jon Teller’s death.  And once Jax sees those letters he’s gonna start to think the same thing.  Even though season three of “Sons” wrapped up a lot of loose ends, the writers have definitely left the door open for the next season.


420 Weeds special edition

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Warning: Today’s post may contain potential spoilers about any of the above shows.

Hello folks.  Though I’d l0ve to talk about any of the many shows I watched this week I am instead going to celebrate 420 right on this blog and discuss the Showtime original series, Weeds.

weeds-weeds-108338_1280_1024Weeds follows the life of Nancy Botwin.  The show picks up in season one after the death of her husband, leaving her to care for their two children.  Rather than get a job, Nancy decides to sell weed.

Though the show is focused on Nancy being a drug dealer, there is still plenty of drama.  We see Nancy’s two boys grow and deal with problems including puberty, their father being dead, and of course their mother being a drug dealer.  Nancy’s brother-in-law, Andy, even comes back into their lives as both a helping hand and another problem for the rest of the family.

weeds-nakedWith the fifth season airing later in the year we can expect to see a very changed Nancy.  Not to give away the end of the fourth season, but Nancy is definitley gonna have her hands full this season.  Plus, she still has to answer to selling Guillermo out to the D.E.A. 

Still no word on the official day the show returns but stay tuned for more on that later.  Til then enjoy your 420 and check out Weeds if you’ve never seen it.

Anybody ever seen the show Jericho

What I’ve watched since I last posted:

Warning: Today’s post could contain potential spoilers about any of the above shows

logoSo I just started watching Jericho and I’ve been steadily watching an episode or two at a time.  However yesterday, in the middle of season 1, I found myself on a five episode marathon.  The series started off a little slow but still managed to keep my interest.  Now I find myself addicted to the show and even as I type this I can’t wait to watch more. 

A quick over view of the show is that a nuclear bomb goes off in Kansas isolating the city of Jericho.  Each episode focuses a little on how the community has to come together to survive as well as new developments about what is going on with the rest of the world.

I like the show because it’s unlike any other I’ve ever seen.  It really makes you think about how life would be in that situation.  The characters don’t always get along and we see a lot of selfish actions.  But then again, these people are scared and paranoid.

Hawkins of course has the only working computer in Jericho

Hawkins of course has the only working computer in Jericho

Still, there are some really cool characters.  Jake Green is a brooding man of mystery.  Son of  Mayor Johnston Green, also a really cool character to watch, it’s obvious Jake’s heart is in the right place but he is haunted by some of his own demons.  Robert Hawkings, probably my favorite character, is a man we don’t really know anything about.  I’m still not sure whether I trust him or not (You’ll find out why I say that if you watch the show).  In any case, he is a man of action and I can’t wait to see him unfold.

If you need a new show to watch then check out Jericho.  I have to warn you though, the show got canceled in it’s second season and I was told they didn’t wrap it up.  Now I’m not sure if that is true but I figure if it is I’ll just make it a choose your own adventure.

Heroes vs. Lost

What I’ve watched since I last posted:

Warning: Today’s post could contain potential spoilers about any of the above shows.

Hey folks, sorry I missed Sunday’s post.  I had a chance to go to Disneyland for the weekend and my hotel had no Internet access.  In any case, I did get to watch the newest episodes of Lost and Heroes and I figured now would be a perfect time to match the two against each other.

First off let’s take a look at the overall premise of the two shows.  Heroes is essentially a real life X-Men story.  It has all the politics, powers, and alliances of Marvel’s franchise but brings all of these issues to life with real people.  Lost, on the other hand, is an original idea that follows the lives of the survivors of a plane crash on a strange island.

lost-logoNothing is as it seems in Lost.  You are constantly exploring new possibilities and the character developments never end.  In fact, character development is probably the coolest thing about this show.  Each episode usually has one pivotal character that we learn more about through trademark flashbacks.  The creators then do a great job of applying what we learned about that character in those flashbacks to certain dilemmas or situations they’ll go through at the present moment.  Of course, with Lost you never really know when that present moment is.  After all, you are supposed to be lost right?

heroes-comicHeroes is a lot more linear.  Every episode leads to the next and all the character development follows that pattern.  That’s not to say the character development isn’t as good as Lost, it’s just introduced in a different formula.  Rather than focus on the past Heroes tends to lean towards the future.  The characters usually learn of a future disaster and have to come together to stop it. 

Though I love both shows, I have to say I like Heroes more.  Though I like the formula of Lost better, I am more interested in the story arcs that Heroes offers.  I love watching the characters cool abilities in use and seeing them unite together to save the world.  I will say this though, Dexter is better than both these shows and if you have never seen or heard of it, boy do you have some catching up to do.dexter-logo

A Thursday of NBC

What I’ve watched since I last posted:

Warning: Today’s post could contain potential spoilers about any of the above shows

I don’t know what you guys watched last night but from 8 to 10 my T.V. was tuned to NBC for two episodes of The Office, the premiere of Parks and Recreation, and some 30 Rock.

Let’s start with Parks.  The creators of The Office launched their new show last night which follows the life of Leslie Knope.   Knope is a free spirited, hopeful girl and has complete faith in the American system and Amy Poehler did a great job introducing her character in the first episode.  I imagine season 1 will revolve around the ditch that Knope has been given to turn into a park.  In any this show was pretty damn funny.

As for the two new episodes of The Office, all I have to say is Ryan is back.  Ryan is one of the most unfavored characters on the show, but he has always been one of my favorites.  I read a couple of weeks ago that Ryan would be return “In a brand new way and as a changed man.”  This of course peaked my curiosity, and man was that comment spot on.  Now blond, Ryan has been working at a bowling ally since his return from Tialand (if he even went).  That is until he is recruited by Michael.  Furthermore, with the Michael Scott Paper Company in the same office as Dunder Mifflin I can’t wait to see him run into Kelly.  He’ll for sure try to get back with her.

I really can’t wait to see where the show is going.  Obviously Charles isn’t gonna last for too long.  I imagine Michael’s business will do something good but, one way or another, he and his staff will end up back at Dunder Mifflin.

If you’ve never seen an episode of 30 Rock it’s time to start catching up.  b This is by far this is the funniest show on T.V.  The humor is point blank and every cast member is essential.  This week the gang celebrated their 50th episode of T.G.S. (The show that 30 Rock focuses on).  However, things didn’t go as smoothly as everyone thought they would.  Still, everything worked out by the end.  If you’ve never seen 30 Rock you need to go buy it now.

Just a final note, I haven’t been able to watch Lost yet, but I am watching it today so stay tuned on Sunday cause that is for sure what I’ll be talking about.

Heroes Theories

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Warning: In today’s post there could be potential spoilers about any of the above shows.

logoSo I figured with Monday’s awesome episode, “Turn and Face the Strange,” it’s a perfect time to share some of my Heroes theory.

Danko has some work cut out for him

Danko has some work cut out for him

Let’s start with Sylar and the Danko.  There is no way Sylar would work with this guy.  I’m willing to bet Sylar is working with Rebel in an attempt to infiltrate Building 26.  Obviously Danko would not put his trust in H.R.G. so of course Sylar would be Micah‘s best candidate. 

Don't forget Parkman was a cop

Don't forget Parkman was a cop

As for Matt, man am I glad he didn’t kill Danko or his lover.  Parkman has always been my favorite character because he has never strayed the course of being a good guy.  He has so much power and yet he never choose the dark path his father took.  Now, with him being a father, he knows he has some new priorities.  However, he has also been reunited with Ando and Hiro and you can probably expect them to keep fighting.

Now, the Petrelli family.  I have no clue what they are up to but I know next week we learn about a government project that happened in the 60’s.  Will this explain how everyone got abilities?  I guess we’ll find out next week.  Oh, and if you didn’t know, volume 4 of Heroes will be called “Redemption.”

Breaking Bad & a side of How I Met Yout Mother

What I’ve watched since I last posted:

Warning: In today’s post there could be potential spoilers about any of the above shows

Let me just start by saying I am stoked about last night’s brand new episode of Breaking Bad, “Breakage.”  To be honest I’ve felt the show has been lacking in quality compared to the original season.  However, last nights episode brought the show back to what it was originally about, the production and sale of  methamphetamine.  With last night’s episode Walt and Jessie are back in business and taking over Tuco‘s empire.  It’s great to see Jessie finally getting his act together, something they have been eluding to for a while.  Even so, he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into but we’ll get to that next week after we see the fall out from this episode.  It sucks to see the position Walt is putting him in but it has to be done.

As for Walt, things just keep getting worse at home with Skyler.  Their marriage is pushing it’s limits and, with all the secrets in the house, it’s close to a breaking point.  Between his cancer, his cooking and a pregnant wife, Walt definitely has his hands full.  Still, he shouldn’t be taking all his problems out on Jessie and the business.

Things aren't getting any better between Walt and Skyler

Things aren't getting any better between Walt and Skyler

As for this weeks How I Met Your Mother, “Murtaugh,” the gang looks into things to do before getting to old.  The whole episode revolves around Danny Glover‘s character in the Lethal Weaponseries, Danny Murtaugh, and his catch phrase, “I’m too old for this shit.”  This sparks the idea of making a list of things to do before you’re too old.  Of course, you can count on Barney to want to finish that list.  Though it’s not the best episode of H.I.M.Y.M. it does still captures all the comedy the show usually offers, mainly because the cast works so well together.  As if that’s not enough, we get to see Robin dressed up as a hot raver chick, and boy do I mean hot!

If you don't watch this show now is the perfect time to start

If you don't watch this show now is the perfect time to start

That’s all for now but I’ll catch you on Wednesday, and with Heroes on tonight you can expect to read about that and whatever else I watch.