Breaking Bad & a side of How I Met Yout Mother

What I’ve watched since I last posted:

Warning: In today’s post there could be potential spoilers about any of the above shows

Let me just start by saying I am stoked about last night’s brand new episode of Breaking Bad, “Breakage.”  To be honest I’ve felt the show has been lacking in quality compared to the original season.  However, last nights episode brought the show back to what it was originally about, the production and sale of  methamphetamine.  With last night’s episode Walt and Jessie are back in business and taking over Tuco‘s empire.  It’s great to see Jessie finally getting his act together, something they have been eluding to for a while.  Even so, he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into but we’ll get to that next week after we see the fall out from this episode.  It sucks to see the position Walt is putting him in but it has to be done.

As for Walt, things just keep getting worse at home with Skyler.  Their marriage is pushing it’s limits and, with all the secrets in the house, it’s close to a breaking point.  Between his cancer, his cooking and a pregnant wife, Walt definitely has his hands full.  Still, he shouldn’t be taking all his problems out on Jessie and the business.

Things aren't getting any better between Walt and Skyler

Things aren't getting any better between Walt and Skyler

As for this weeks How I Met Your Mother, “Murtaugh,” the gang looks into things to do before getting to old.  The whole episode revolves around Danny Glover‘s character in the Lethal Weaponseries, Danny Murtaugh, and his catch phrase, “I’m too old for this shit.”  This sparks the idea of making a list of things to do before you’re too old.  Of course, you can count on Barney to want to finish that list.  Though it’s not the best episode of H.I.M.Y.M. it does still captures all the comedy the show usually offers, mainly because the cast works so well together.  As if that’s not enough, we get to see Robin dressed up as a hot raver chick, and boy do I mean hot!

If you don't watch this show now is the perfect time to start

If you don't watch this show now is the perfect time to start

That’s all for now but I’ll catch you on Wednesday, and with Heroes on tonight you can expect to read about that and whatever else I watch.


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