Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Finale

This finale wrapped up the season better than most shows wrap up an entire series.  “Sons of Anarchy” is definitely coming back for a season four but seriously, if that was its last episode, I would feel very fulfilled.  Jax got Abel back and fixed things with Tara, Gemma was acquitted and the club got Jimmy and more importantly, Stahl.  It had to be Opie, he needed to put Donna’s ghost to rest and I’m glad they set it up so that he could be the one to kill her.  Still, two more people have to be held accountable for her death.  Clay and Tig have to be held accountable by the end of the show.  What do you think?  It’s gotta end with Jax taking out Clay right?  Every fan has thought about the possibility, rather probability, that Clay and Gemma were behind Jon Teller’s death.  And once Jax sees those letters he’s gonna start to think the same thing.  Even though season three of “Sons” wrapped up a lot of loose ends, the writers have definitely left the door open for the next season.


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