Eastbound and Down

What I’ve watched since I last posted:

Since I last posted there haven’t been any new episodes for any of the shows I watch.  However, this gives me the oppertunity to talk about another great show, Eastbound and Down.


Catch Eastbound & Down on HBO

Catch Eastbound & Down on HBO

Eastbound and Down stars Danny McBride as Kenny Powers, a retired superstar pitcher from the MLB.  After leaving his small hometown to become a hot shot baseball player Powers is forced to return to the one place on the map he had completely written off.  Upon returning home he is reunited with his brother and his family, old friends, rivals, fans, and even the love of his life.

Lasting only six episodes, season one premired in February and wrapped a few weeks ago.  Still, in those few episodes Powers undergoes some  interesting transformations and comes to plenty of realizations about the life he left behind.  McBride presents in your face, blunt comedy as portrayed in films like Pineapple Express, Hot Rod and Tropic Thunder.  If you’re a fan of  McBride’s humor style than this show is for you.  Do remember though, this show is on HBO and contains a lot of crude content.  They definitely push limits and if you are not into that sort of thing you may find yourself offended by the show.  Still, with guest stars such as Will Ferrell and The Office’s Craig Robinson, there is something in this show for every one.

It’s really fun watching the story unfold.  Powers is a shameless man whose sole purpose is to fulfill his own desires.  Even so, the show may focus on Kenny Powers but there are plenty of other central characters including his brother Dustin and his family as well as his old flame and bosses fiance, April.  If this show seems like something you’d be interested in season one is available on On-Demand now in its entirety.


Do you get it now?

What I’ve been watching since I last posted:

Warning: In today’s post there could be potential spoilers about any of the above shows.

Lost is one of the best shows I have ever seen, some may agree others may not.  In any case, I am glad that last nights episode, “Whatever Happened, Happened,” finally validated my theory on the method of time travel they used in lost.  In theory there are two ways time travel can play out.  Option 1 being the route that Heroestook.  Once you travel back in time your world will exist no matter what, however you splinter time and create a parallel universe to your own.  The second is the theory that Lost uses.  As Miles (Ken Leung) explains to Hurley (Jorge Garcia), time is a straight line.  Even though the characters haven’t experienced their actions that happened in the 70’s (because they have not experienced those actions themselves yet), those actions still happened in the 70’s.  The best way I could explain this is that while there is an adult Sawyer (Josh Halloway) on the island in the 70’s, there is still a younger Sawyer at the same moment somewhere else in the world.  Confusing I know, but hopefully it helped.

Hurley and Miles debating time travel

Hurley and Miles debating time travel

Nobody messes with Jack Bauer

Nobody messes with Jack Bauer

I didn’t really get a chance to watch any other show’s newest episode since I lasted posted.  However, for the last couple of months I’ve been rushing through 24.  In only a few months I’ve watched to the beginning of season 6, where I am now.  I have to say Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is the ultimate bad ass.  The poor guy’s soul has been withered and yet he continues to fight.  In season 6 we learn that it was actually Jack’s family that were in control of the events that took place in season 5.  I can’t wait until Jack finds out (he better find out) and makes them pay.

Well, that’s it for today folks.  Just let me know if you have any other questions.  Otherwise I’ll catch you on Saturday.

Did you see that?

What I’ve been watching since I last posted:

Warning:  In today’s post there could be potential spoilers about any of the above shows.

Peter and Angela having a good old heart to heart converstation

Peter and Angela having a good old heart to heart conversation

Lets start with last nights all new Heroes episode, “Into Asylum.”  With all that has been going on for the super powered fugitives you would think things couldn’t get any worse.  Guess again.  With an alliance forged between the Hunter (Zeljko Ivanek) and Sylar (Zachary Quinto) the heroes are bound to have their hands full.  In any case you can probably rest assured Sylar has his own agenda.  Meanwhile Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Angela (Christine Rose) search for answers from higher places as Claire (Hayden Panettiere)  takes control of her and Nathan’s (Adrian Pasdar) situation in Mexico.

Michael is forced to come face to face with the new V.P. of Dunder Mifflin

Michael is forced to come face to face with the new V.P. of Dunder Mifflin

On The Office in “Two Weeks,” Michael (Steve Carrell) and the rest of the gang are learning to deal with Dunder Mifflin’s new Vice President, Charles (Idris Elba).  Elba does a great job portraying his character, the new guy from corporate with every intention of changing all the rules.  Really though, how long can this guy hold up.  Especially when he doesn’t even get along with Jim (John Krasinski).

Today was not a good day for Jessie

Today was not a good day for Jesse

This Week on Breaking Bad Jesse (Aaron Paul) struggles with his life falling apart on all fronts.  This is one of the reasons I love this show so much.  These characters are not on unimaginable, they’re real people with real problems.  As Jesse seeks guidance from Walt (Bryan Cranston) he is cold shoulder as Walt deals with his families trust issues after his recent disappearance.  If you have never heard of this show, It airs Sundays at 10 p.m. and is definitelyworth watching.  Without getting too much in detail, a high school teacher gets diagnosed with cancer and begins cooking meth to pay off his bills and secure his family’s financial situation.
Well that’s all the time I have for now but I’ll see you back here on Thursday.

What to expect from Channel Surfing with the Cap’n

In this blog you can expect to see episode reivews, my personal thoughts, spoilers, plausible theories, episode summaries and so much more from the shows I watch. 

So what shows do I watch?  Some of the shows I am currently watching that are airing new episodes are Lost, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, 30Rock, and 24.  Also, expect to read about updates from popular off season shows such as Weeds, Callifornacation, Dexter, Burn Notice, Entourage, True Blood, and Eastbound and Down.  You can even expect me to bring up some shows that are canceled from time to time. 

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