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Heroes vs. Lost

What I’ve watched since I last posted:

Warning: Today’s post could contain potential spoilers about any of the above shows.

Hey folks, sorry I missed Sunday’s post.  I had a chance to go to Disneyland for the weekend and my hotel had no Internet access.  In any case, I did get to watch the newest episodes of Lost and Heroes and I figured now would be a perfect time to match the two against each other.

First off let’s take a look at the overall premise of the two shows.  Heroes is essentially a real life X-Men story.  It has all the politics, powers, and alliances of Marvel’s franchise but brings all of these issues to life with real people.  Lost, on the other hand, is an original idea that follows the lives of the survivors of a plane crash on a strange island.

lost-logoNothing is as it seems in Lost.  You are constantly exploring new possibilities and the character developments never end.  In fact, character development is probably the coolest thing about this show.  Each episode usually has one pivotal character that we learn more about through trademark flashbacks.  The creators then do a great job of applying what we learned about that character in those flashbacks to certain dilemmas or situations they’ll go through at the present moment.  Of course, with Lost you never really know when that present moment is.  After all, you are supposed to be lost right?

heroes-comicHeroes is a lot more linear.  Every episode leads to the next and all the character development follows that pattern.  That’s not to say the character development isn’t as good as Lost, it’s just introduced in a different formula.  Rather than focus on the past Heroes tends to lean towards the future.  The characters usually learn of a future disaster and have to come together to stop it. 

Though I love both shows, I have to say I like Heroes more.  Though I like the formula of Lost better, I am more interested in the story arcs that Heroes offers.  I love watching the characters cool abilities in use and seeing them unite together to save the world.  I will say this though, Dexter is better than both these shows and if you have never seen or heard of it, boy do you have some catching up to do.dexter-logo


Do you get it now?

What I’ve been watching since I last posted:

Warning: In today’s post there could be potential spoilers about any of the above shows.

Lost is one of the best shows I have ever seen, some may agree others may not.  In any case, I am glad that last nights episode, “Whatever Happened, Happened,” finally validated my theory on the method of time travel they used in lost.  In theory there are two ways time travel can play out.  Option 1 being the route that Heroestook.  Once you travel back in time your world will exist no matter what, however you splinter time and create a parallel universe to your own.  The second is the theory that Lost uses.  As Miles (Ken Leung) explains to Hurley (Jorge Garcia), time is a straight line.  Even though the characters haven’t experienced their actions that happened in the 70’s (because they have not experienced those actions themselves yet), those actions still happened in the 70’s.  The best way I could explain this is that while there is an adult Sawyer (Josh Halloway) on the island in the 70’s, there is still a younger Sawyer at the same moment somewhere else in the world.  Confusing I know, but hopefully it helped.

Hurley and Miles debating time travel

Hurley and Miles debating time travel

Nobody messes with Jack Bauer

Nobody messes with Jack Bauer

I didn’t really get a chance to watch any other show’s newest episode since I lasted posted.  However, for the last couple of months I’ve been rushing through 24.  In only a few months I’ve watched to the beginning of season 6, where I am now.  I have to say Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is the ultimate bad ass.  The poor guy’s soul has been withered and yet he continues to fight.  In season 6 we learn that it was actually Jack’s family that were in control of the events that took place in season 5.  I can’t wait until Jack finds out (he better find out) and makes them pay.

Well, that’s it for today folks.  Just let me know if you have any other questions.  Otherwise I’ll catch you on Saturday.