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420 Weeds special edition

What I’ve watched since I last posted:

Warning: Today’s post may contain potential spoilers about any of the above shows.

Hello folks.  Though I’d l0ve to talk about any of the many shows I watched this week I am instead going to celebrate 420 right on this blog and discuss the Showtime original series, Weeds.

weeds-weeds-108338_1280_1024Weeds follows the life of Nancy Botwin.  The show picks up in season one after the death of her husband, leaving her to care for their two children.  Rather than get a job, Nancy decides to sell weed.

Though the show is focused on Nancy being a drug dealer, there is still plenty of drama.  We see Nancy’s two boys grow and deal with problems including puberty, their father being dead, and of course their mother being a drug dealer.  Nancy’s brother-in-law, Andy, even comes back into their lives as both a helping hand and another problem for the rest of the family.

weeds-nakedWith the fifth season airing later in the year we can expect to see a very changed Nancy.  Not to give away the end of the fourth season, but Nancy is definitley gonna have her hands full this season.  Plus, she still has to answer to selling Guillermo out to the D.E.A. 

Still no word on the official day the show returns but stay tuned for more on that later.  Til then enjoy your 420 and check out Weeds if you’ve never seen it.